Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Ambassadors for the next generation.

Jimi Ambassadors for the next generationKids these days watch MTV, dig R&B or rap and dance to techno. Yes most of them do. But not all. No sir. We are here to testify that many young kids dig Jimi Hendrix, oh yes they do. They know the lyrics of Crosstown Traffic, Purple Haze, Little Wing, you name it.
How do we know? We see it at our gigs, we talk to our crowds after the shows, get e-mails, read the guestbook. Oh yeah, many of them young kids are letís say the age of 15 to 25.
This phenomenon brings us great pleasure, you bet, weíre not only playing for the fans who dug Jimi in the 60ís and still do now, but have the feeling to keep Jimiís legacy alive, with all due respect to the master of the Stratocaster of course.

Jimi Ambassadors for the next generationThis is our pleed to all you young people in the world, let us know how you feel about Jimiís music, which is you favourite song, or album, which song would you like us to play (which is not on the setlist now), do you have special memories to a particular song, questions about tabs or technique, just anything to show your appreciation for Jimiís music and our humble participation to keep Jimiís music alive.
Anybody can contact us and please mention your age. Of course we do not want to discriminate anybody not so very young anymore (thank you for loving Jimiís music as well), but this particular item is especially addressed to the young Jimi fans.
Thank you for being out there, we hope to see you at one of our gigs and of course feel free to talk to us anytime about Jimiís music.

Thanks, we love you, The Hendrix Files    The Hendrix Files