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Rudy Kronfuss ExperienceRudy Kronfuss Experience
A special concert is planned for september 23 in Hilversum Holland: A concert completely dedicated to the memory of Jimi Hendrix, who died at the 18th of that month. It will be a celebration of his music and not so much of his visual showmanship and gimmikery. This rare event is planned to happen at a club called the Tagrijn. More information: http://www.tagrijn.nl/

More Experience next concert dates:
04-09-2004 D Fehmarn Open Air  - 08-09-2004 E Sant Sadurni d'Anoia (Barcelona) Open Air -  30-10-2004 CH Pratteln Galery

The world's largest collection of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia - most of which has never been seen, heard or displayed before - is to be launched in a spectacular show at the new Marquee Club (London) over the weekend of 17th - 19th September 2004 and will run for six months.
Worth over $15 million, the incredible collection features hundreds of unseen personal images, footage recordings, and promo materials - all displayed at the legendary club where Hendrix often played.
THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE @ THE MARQUEE will exhibit 30 - 40 hours of unreleased music, 200 - 300 hours of personal video - 60% unreleased, as well as over 1000 photographs many unpublished. Jimi's own clothes will be on show including his elk skin fringe jacket and a psychedelic shirt as well as 3 of his legendary guitars, and this is only a small sample of the entire collection.

Jimi last played the Marquee in 1967 - He's back.                www.cooperowen.com

Model Mar-Liis Ival with the Stratocaster and the Cherokee jacket
Model Mar-Liis Ival with the Stratocaster and the Cherokee jacket

Hendrix Project OliVer Hendrix Project
special anniversary gig at The Cartoon, Croydon on Thursday 16th September here are the full details:
doors 8pm bar closes 1am entry £3 Hendrix Project plays soon after 10pm at The Cartoon 179-183 London Road (A235) Croydon Surrey CRO 2RJ Tel 0208 239 1616
(click on poster = bigger view!)
Popa ChubbyAxis Bold As Popa - Popa Chubby plays the music of Jimi Hendrix in 013 Tilburg/Netherland. (Friday 3 september)
Tickets www.ticketservice.nl Further informationen: www.013web.nl

Cooperown auction - Stratocaster owned by Jimi and more.....

Stratocaster owned by Jimi1963 white Fender Stratocaster serial number L08573, patent number 2573254, owned and used by Jimi Hendrix An extensively, concert played and studio used signature white Fender Stratocaster with rosewood fingerboard manufactured on 3rd September 1963, documented in many biographies showing photos of Jimi during the period of 1968 - 70 with the dark rosewood necked Strat. This guitar was given to musician Arthur Louis by Jimi Hendrix on 18th March 1970. After playing a charity show at the Speakeasy Club in London's West End, Louis' Gibson Les Paul was stolen that night from the stage. Arthur Louis was heard complaining about the loss of his guitar at a subsequent party at Mick Jagger's house, where both Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix both offered him a replacement - Jimi offering this Strat and Eric offering him a Gibson. The next day Louis met Jimi Hendrix and John Uribe, who came over with this guitar which he gave to Louis to replace the one he had lost. Some days later he received a note from Jimi saying how sorry he was that he had lost his guitar and that he hoped he was happy with this one (at the time of cataloguing this note was not available for inspection however the vendor is endeavoring to locate it to provide with this lot). It has been confirmed by the vendor that this is the white Stratocaster that was 'liberated' from Keith Richards by then girlfriend Linda Keith who in New York introduced Jimi to most of the rock aristocracy of the time including Andrew Loog Oldham and consequently Chas Chandler. Arthur Louis was, and still is, a well respected composer and guitar player a familiar face at the height of the Speakeasy's hay day, jamming and supporting many of the legends that we know today. The lot is accompanied by a letter from Arthur Louis confirming the lot's history together with a letter from Ray Turley which confirms the date of the instrument and describes in detail that the guitar's pick ups had been set to accommodate Jimi's left handed style and also confirms the extensive use by a left handed player. £100,000-150,000 Commission bids can be placed online now at www.cooperowen.com and until 2.00pm BST on Wednesday 30th June. The auction will then be held live on eBaylive at 4.00pm BST at http://pages.liveauctions.ebay.com/catalogs/catalog5942.html

Jimi Hendrix - "Cry of Love" - Studio Track ListWe are excited to inform you about our upcoming 2004 Classic Rock Auction featuring "The Private Collection of Eddie Kramer". Eddie Kramer's recording and producing career spans more than 3 decades and includes awards winning achievements with Rocks' greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, KISS, Peter Frampton, Joe Cocker, Carly Simon, David Bowie, John Mayall, Santana, Rolling Stones, the cast of "Hair" (Jobriath, Delores Hall and Alan Nichols), Dionne Warwick, Roy Ayers, Lena Horne, Tommy Bolin, Vanilla Fudge and many, many others.
The auction will include hundreds of rare collectibles, such as original recording tapes, acetates, test pressings, vintage vinyl, promotional t-shirts, paper goods, posters, backstage passes and much more.
The auction will go live July 18, 2004 and will run for 2 weeks. Currently on our website, we are highlighting just a few of the great items that will be featured in the auction. www.backstageauctions.com

Jimi Hendrix - "Cry of Love" - Studio Track List

Fehmarn 2004 posterFehmarn Jimi Hendrix Revival Festival 4.September 2004

free concert -starts at 11 a.m. Isle of Fehmarn/Germany Flügger Strand

Julian Sas
Ana Popovic
More Experience
Mickle A Do
Marrakesh Express
Flangia Kaivos

Headliner 1999
The beauty and the blues
Probably best Hendrix cover band
Folk-Rock from the north
70th still living CSN&Y
AC/DC-Cover from Hamburg
Local Heroes with power-woman Rebecca
70th-Fehmarn-cultband feat.Klaus -Nick- Wilder

New CD of the Hendrix Cover/Tribute Band "The Hendrix" for further information look at this pdf-file (in german) or visit The Hendrix Homepage

Hendrix Items at Cooperowen auction:
Commission bids can be placed online now at www.cooperowen.com and until 2.00pm BST on Wednesday 16th June. The auction will then be held live on eBaylive at 4.00pm BST at http://pages.liveauctions.ebay.com/catalogs/catalog5942.html
Lot 51 'Electric Ladyland' LP signed by Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding & Mitch Mitchell, Dezo Hoffmann Photograph A copy of Electric Ladyland Part 1 signed on the front cover Jimi Hendrix, Noel and Mitch all in blue ballpoint pen. Vinyl included. £ 600-800
lot 53Lot 52 The copyright of Jimi Hendrix' artwork The complete and exclusive copyright for the series of eighteen artworks sold as part of the collection of Bob and Kathy Levine in Cooper Owen's Art & Artefacts of Jimi Hendrix auction on 15th May 2003, the originals of which are now in private hands. The Levine's worked closely with Hendrix in the US, it was Bob Levine who took the call from Jerry Stickells in London to Jeffrey & Chandler Inc. offices in New York on 18 September 1970 telling of Jimi's death. Kathy Levine (then Eberth) was Jimi's P.A. and confidante from 1968 to 1970. It was to Kathy that Jimi gave his unique, and until now unknown, collection of artwork in Hawaii during the filming of Rainbow Bridge before leaving to go to the Isle of Wight festival in August 1970. According to Bob, Jimi carried two sketchpads with him for several years and on occasions when he was alone happily doodled and drew, painstakingly colouring them in suitably psychedelic felt pen. Some of the drawings appear to have begun as small doodles but develop into intricate, highly involved designs, some recurring motifs include petals, leaves, blazing suns and hooded figures - potentially a field day for a psychologist. The Hendrix Estate has confirmed that the Levine's own the copyright for the collection. ESTIMATE ON REQUEST.
Lot 53 Jimi Hendrix Experience autographs A clipped piece of paper signed Jim Hendrix, Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell with additional annotation The Jimi Hendrix Exp! possibly in Mitchell's hand, all in black ballpoint pen. Measures approx. 7 x 4 inch (18 x 10 cm) £ 500-600
Lot 54 Jimi Hendrix Last Track promo poster for 'Band of Gypsies' LP An original Track Records promotional poster for The Band of Gypsies LP featuring a photograph of Jimi Hendrix by Peter Sanders. Measures approx. 20 x 22 inch (51 x 56 cm) £ 180-220
Lot 55 Jimi Hendrix Open Air Love & Peace Festival, Insel Fehmarn, Germany poster, September 1970 A rare poster for the three day Open Air, Love & Peace Festival, held at Insel Fehmarn, Germany, between the 4 - 6 September 1970, which featured the final performance by Jimi Hendrix. Other performers listed including Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Procol Harum, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Ginger Bakers Air Force. Condition: excellent. Measures approx. 16 x 43 inch. (41 x 114 cm). £380-440
Lot 56 Jimi Hendrix 'Burning the Midnight Lamp' out take Reduction 15 ips two track studio tape circa 1967 A first generation studio tape in its original box featuring Hendrix working on Burning the Midnight Lamp together with one complete version featuring the lead guitar at a higher level than on the other tracks which differs from the release version significantly. Not sold with copyright. Overall length approx. 11 minutes, 14 seconds. The vendor was involved in the music business in the late sixties and early seventies, managing the group Strawberry Alarm Clock (who incidentally played with Hendrix at Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California on 1 July 1968) and late one night met Jimi at Paramount Recording Studios where he had been recording all day, Jimi gave the vendor the tape and asked him to let him know what he thought of it, the next time the vendor met Jimi he told him he thought it was great, Jimi was pleased and told him to hang on to the tape.

New guitar record in Poland by Leszek Cichonski

Power of SoulNew Tribute CD will be published on June 1st BMG/Sanctuary
Featuring: Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Santana, Eric Clapton, Sting, John Lee Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Earth Wind And Fire
and many more......  Order now at Amazon!

Further information!

Crosstown Traffic Paradiso

There will be a internet broadcast of the show www.fabchannel.com

Jimi Hendrix Screensaver by Eliott Lndy This screensaver entitled "Jimi Hendrix screensaver by Elliott Landy" is not your run-of-the-mill screensaver with a few photographs and a generic musical background that has been programmed to loop over and over till it slowly drives you insane and forces you to quickly uninstall it from you computer, but however, is a product with many interactive aspects.
It offers: · 3 customizable screensaver themes to choose from: SLIDESHOW, PSYCHEDELIC, HENDRIX HISTORY · A Jimi Hendrix Quiz to test your knowledge of Jimi · A music module that allows you to select mp3 or wav files from your own hardrive to play in the background · 10 specially colorized Jimi Hendrix pictures that can be used as desktop wallpaper.  http://en.infinisys.co.jp/product/jhendrix_ss/

Fehmarn Jimi Hendrix Revival Festival 4.September 2004
Julian Sas (Abräumer 1999) > Ana Popovic (Die Schöne und der Blues) > More Experience (Brachten die Leute 1999 in Wallung) > . Mickle A Do (Folk-Rock aus dem Norden) > Marrakesh Express (Es leben die 70er - CSN&Y) > Powerage (AC/DC-Cover aus Hamburg) > Remopile (Unsere Local Heroes mit Powerfrau Rebecca) > Flangia Kaivos (70er-Jahre-Fehmarn-Kultband mit Klaus -Nick- Wilder) - Further information coming soon!
Fehmarn Open Air - The official Page

Jim Marshall - Jimi HendrixI met "the father of loud" Mr. Jim Marshall at the Frankfurt international music fair the builder of Jimis amps. He signed me a Marshall Jimi Hendrix Poster. Click on the small picture for a bigger view!

You'll find a review of the music fair at www.music-links.de but only in german!

Marshall Amps

Rykodisc 20th Anniversary 2 CD compilation featuring the Hendrix track "Fire". We're holding a sweepstakes giveaway contest for the 20th Anniversary Compilation at the Ryko site - it's a freebie, contestants just sign up for the drawing via an email list and 10 winners will be chosen at random. The contest runs through the end of April. www.rykodisc.com

thewoodstockspirit.org Hi. I am contacting you because our group is trying to preserve the original Site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival (aka Yasgur's farm) in Bethel NY of the Catskills region of New York State as an historic site. The property which still includes the famous natural bowl where almost 500,000 converged to watch the likes of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix play Aug. 15-17, 1969, and the upper plateau where the crowds spilled over into concession areas, is slated to be developed as part of a local billionaire's plans for a performing arts center. Although our group, The Woodstock preservation Alliance (WPA), is all in favour of the arts center, we see the Woodstock site as a unique historic landmark that can co-exist undeveloped within the 1700 acres purchased for the center. We would like to see the Woodstock site remain unfenced with a permanent stage in the bowl so that others will be able to come and experience the place that defined a generation. The WPA is a group of preservationists who are attempting to change plans to build on the land above the bowl area by challenging the developer and their adherence to guidelines for historic preservation a the state and federal level. By summer of 2004, if the plans are not challenged, building will begin on the site as Phase 1 of the performing arts center. We are asking those, like yourself who have websites that cater to people who might be interested in our cause, to help direct them to the WPA website so that they can learn how they might help before it's too late. If you are interested in helping, we are asking participating webmasters to place our website banner in a prominent place to that others will know to visit our site. Absolutely Nothing is being sold on our website. All we want is to spread the word of the development plans. Something the developer has been careful Not to do. To obtain the banner ( with HTML tag already inserted), please go to thewoodstockspirit.org/imglink.htm where you will find the banner to place on your webpage. We thank you for the time and hope that you can help preserve this globally reknown historic landmark, so it can be experienced for generations to come. Sincerely, Brad Littleproud (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) The Woodstock Preservation Alliance www.thewoodstockspirit.org

Jimi VinylsJimi Hendrix Psychodelic Vinyl: Studio Outtakes Volume I (180g Vinyl RRLP 034) -  Axis Outtakes Volume I (180g Vinyl RRLP 038) - Axis Outtakes Volume II (180g Vinyl RRLP 039) - Studio Outtakes Volume II and II coming soon! www.fenn-music.de

U F O feat. ULI JON ROTH The Magic Rock Night 2004 ! plus special guests ...
12.03.2004 Capitol, Hannover Einlass: 19 Uhr -- Beginn: 20 Uhr Tickets unter Tel.: 0511-44 40 66 und www.hannover-concerts.de sowie bei den bekannten Vorverkaufsstellen erhältlich.

cooperowen.com auctionRock Legends auction on the 26th February which includes: Lot 72* Jimi Hendrix poster, designed by Petagno III Jimi Hendrix commemorative poster with the words, i must leave now but i really hope to see you tomorrow - jimi hendrix 1946-1970, designed by Petagno III, circa 1970. Measures approx. 21 x 34 inches (53 x 87 cm) £60-80 73 'Electric Ladyland' signed by Jimi Hendrix A copy of the 1968 Track Records double album signed on the inside gatefold sleeve Love to you Jimi Hendrix EXP. £700-800 74 'Electric Ladyland' LP signed by Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding & Mitch Mitchell, Dezo Hoffmann Photograph A copy of Electric Ladyland Part 1 signed on the front cover in blue ballpoint pen Stay Sweet Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding and Love Mitch. £800-1,200 Various Dezo Hoffmann photographs including: Lot 286 THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - Dezo Hoffmann's studio Wardour St London 1967 Black and white first generation silver gelatin print. Complete with studio stamp. Measures approx. 16 x 12 inch. (41 x 30 cm) £150-200 Commission bids can be left at www.cooperowen.com until 5.00pm on the 26th February. The auction will then be completed from 6.00pm at www.ebayliveauctions.com

Stromgitarren AusstellungStromgitarren - Die Ausstellung / Electrical Guitars Exhibition
Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit in Mannheim/Germany: from February 7 to June 6 2004
Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin/Germany: from July to October 2004
Homepage: www.stromgitarren.de
The exhibition Stromgitarren presents the cultural and technological history of an electrical string instrument, which revolutionized the music of the 20th century and will set the tone for the 21st century. Incorporating fascinating changes of perspective, this exhibition will show bits and pieces, highlights, forgotten and unknown episodes of the history of the electrical guitar. Every topic will be presented in unique scenographical form accompanied by the music of electrical guitars. Such a project must be more than just a conventional exhibition. Therefore, Stromgitarren will have its own independent aesthetical and musical quality. 

Flyer Crosstown TrafficCrosstown Traffic The Belgian Jimi Hendrix Tribute Band plays LIVE on friday February 13th in 'De Kelk', in Bruges.
Click on the small picture on the left side to get the flyer!
Randy Hansen (USA) Europe Tour Tournado:  23.04. D-Krefeld/ Kufa 28.04. D-Leer/ Zollhaus 30.04. D-Freiburg/ Jazzhaus 01.05. D-Kaiserslautern/ Kuz Kammgarn 02.05. D-Ingolstadt/ Eiskeller 03.05. A-Salzburg tbc 05.05. D-Nürnberg/ Hirsch 07.05. CH-Aarburg/ Moonwalker 08.05. D-Lorsch/ Musiktheater Rex

Jimi Hendrix PhotoRobert sells three never published Hendrix photos each in a mat. He took the photos stageside at the Friday May 9th, 1969 concert at the Charlotte Coliseum. If you are interested please email to him. He´s asking $350 for the set of three and this price does include shipping and the mats. He would sell just one if you are interested.

The CartoonSaturday 17 Jan 2004 -- LETS MAKE IT A GOOD GIG FOR NOEL REDDING
Very Best Wishes, Keith OliVer www.hendrixproject.co.uk
Click on Flyer for a bigger view!
More Experience - Next Concerts: 13-12-2003 CH Chur, Safari Beat Club - 23.01.2004 F Ensisheim, Caf' Conc' - 24.01.2004 F Ensisheim, Caf' Conc' www.more-experience.com

Limited Jimi Strat only 375 !
Hear My Message -
with Jimi Picture of Gered Mankowitz

Axis OuttakesJimi Hendrix BerkeleyNew: Jimi Hendrix Axis Outtakes On Double CD
Outtakes from the Axis: Bold As Love Sessions 1967

 Jimi Hendrix's Berkeley Concerts come to home video and compact Disc/LP
Second Show 10pm May 30, 1970    www.jimihendrix.com

Voodoo CrossingNew Jimi Tribute CD:  VOODOO CROSSING - A tribute to JIMI HENDRIX - Vol. 1
presented by Comet Records/Horizons feat. a lot of great guitar players like
Steve Lukather, Robben Ford, Larry Coryell, Pat Travers and more, take a look at the press info!

Have a look at the Leszek Cichonski Guitar Record Page, now including 3 video parts mpeg-1

Some news about Leszek Cichonski - my blues broth from Poland - have a look at the videoclip "Foxy Lady" we made together with his original arangement here: ftp://ftp.mp3.wp.pl/video/foxy_lady.mpg  40Mb -but it rocks and http://www.cdbaby.com/cichonski to listen some more music and buy the "Thanks Jimi" CD.
More Experience - Next Gig:
01-11-2003 CH Pratteln, Z7, Monsters Of Coverrock

Danny Marino is dead. He was the owner of the club "Danny's Span" where a lot of musicians started their career. Jimi Hendrix did his first promotion for his single "Hey Joe" for Germany here! There is a benefite concert for Danny on November 3, 2003 at Politbüro, Steindamm 45 Hamburg/Germany including Hey Joe. Entry is free but there will be a collection for Danny's funeral and a memorial stone.

Tony Brown Book Jimi Hendrix - In his own words (In eigenen Worten) is now avaiable in german! German Text
33 Years man, Jimi we still miss you................. Michael, September 18, 2003

100 Greatest Guitarists of all time - Photo by Jill Gibson Rolling Stone Feature

The 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time - Jimi Hendrix the greatest of all time
Cover Story: "The bridge between the blues and modern soul" by Pete Townshend

New Hendrix auction at www.cooperowen.com

Jimi Auction'Electric Ladyland' LP signed by Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding & Mitch Mitchell - 'Electric Ladyland' signed by Jimi Hendrix - Walker Brothers / Jimi Hendrix Experience concert programme, 1967 - Jimi Hendrix Experience black and white photograph circa 1967 -  Jimi Hendrix Osiris Visions and repro 'Wired' poster - THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - Dezo Hoffmann's studio Wardour St London 1967 - JIMI HENDRIX 1967, Dezo Hoffmann Photograph - JIMI HENDRIX as Father Christmas Dezo Hoffmann's studio Wardour St London 1967 - JIMI HENDRIX multiple exposure Dezo Hoffmann's studio Wardour St London, 1967 - JIMI HENDRIX multiple exposure Dezo Hoffmann's studio Wardour St London 1967 - JIMI HENDRIX multiple exposure Dezo Hoffmann's studio Wardour St London 1967

Commission bids can be placed on our website now at www.cooperowen.com and the auction will culminate with a live event at 23 Denmark Street, London on the 25th September at 4pm BST.


Hendrix File Tour 2003Hendrix Files Tour 2003
featuring Steve Lukather, Jan Akkerman, More Experience, Phil Bee & Friends
oct 8th Hamburg/Germany http://www.markthalle-hamburg.de
oct 9th Rijssen/NL http://www.lucky.nl
oct 10th Maastricht/NL info@plattezaol.nl
oct 12th Zoetermeer/NL http://www.boerderij.org

Pictures of the Hamburg show oct 8th

Resevations by e-mail: info@hendrixfiles.com     
Further Information
hour show dedicated to Jimi Hendrix  - In the year of Jimi's 60th birthday. This tribute tour will blow your mind!!!
The four shows are also dedicated to Noel Redding who was originally scheduled for this tour but who unfortunately died in May this year.

Next Gig More Experience: 08-08-2003 CH Zofingen, Heitere Open Air Heitere Open Air - 29-08-2003, E, Torredembarra, La Traviesa (El Magic Festival) - 07-09-2003, CH, Freienwil bei Baden/AG, Grenzhof, Love & Peace Open Air
MUSIC REVIEW - Voodoo Childhood - Re-experiencing the young Hendrix at EMP.
by Charles R. Cross Seattle Weekly

Fehmarn Jimi Hendix Festival 2003 September 6th Flügger Strand
For further information visit the Fehmarn Festival Homepage
Download:  Info Flyer    and/or    Festival Poster

Pictures from the Randy Hansen Concert in Marburg/Germany May 6, 2003

Randy Hansen Tour Europe/Germany Tournado: FR 25.7 D- Krefeld / Open Air im Wald - SO 27.7 NL-Cafe de Smeed / Hendrix Festival - SO 17.8 D- Hamburg / Open Air Festival - DO 16.10 Gelsenkirchen / Die Kaue - FR 17.10 Hannover / Bluesgarage - SA 18.10 Berlin / Quasimodo - DI 21.10 Augsburg / Spectrum - SA 25.10 Gütersloh / Weberei - SO 26.10 Bonn / Harmonie - MI 29.10 Heidelberg / Schwimmbad - DO 30.10 Aschaffenburg / Colos Saal - FR 31.10 Koblenz / Cafe Hahn - SA 1.11 Freudenburg / Ducsaal - DI 4.11 Rheinberg / Schwarzer Adler - MI 5.11 Hamburg / Downtown Blues Club - DO 6.11 Halle / Objekt 5 - FR 7.11 Bad Saltzungen / Pressenwerk - SA 8.11 Affalter / Zur Linde

Guitar RecordOn 10-th of may, in the center of gorgous Polish city Wroclaw, the biggest so far guitar band lead by Leszek Cichonski has set the new Guinness Record in simultaneous playing Jimi Hendrix's super hit "Hey Joe".
The jury has officialy confirmed 588 guitarist taking part in this unique event, and will enter the achievement in The Guinness Record Book.
There were adults, kids, teenagers, males, females, punks, former hippis, rockers, rappers, tecno fans, bluesmen, pop guitarists, music students, beginners, maestros and more - all united in one more tribute to guitar legend Jimi Hendrix.
As the last riff of "Hey Joe" faded away, everybody raised their guitars sky-high demanding reply.  Further information and pictures here: Leszek Cichonski

Hendrix Bassist Noel Redding Dead At 57
Rock musician Noel Redding, best known for his stint as the bassist of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, was found dead May 11 at his home in Ireland of unknown causes, his manager Ian Grant has confirmed to Billboard.com. He was 57. Redding, an accomplished guitarist based in the U.K., joined Hendrix's band in 1966 and played on the three Jimi Hendrix Experience albums -- writing two songs as well as playing bass -- before parting ways with the legendary guitarist in 1969.

Original Jimi Hendrix (Purple Haze) artwork for sale!! Contact the artist: www.phantastic-design.dePuple Haze Artwork

A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix - Das neue Buch aus Anlass des 60.Geburtstages von Frank Schäfer
Informations Text (in german)

Hendrix's Body Moved To New Memorial

Jimi Hendrix's body has been relocated to a new memorial in the Seattle area. The late guitarist's remains were disinterred last November 26, one day before what would have been his 60th birthday, and moved to another site in Greenwood Memorial Park And Cemetery in Renton, Washington, where he was laid to rest in 1970.

Hendrix's body and his original headstone, along with the remains of his late father Al Hendrix and Al's wife Ayako "June" Hendrix, are now in burial vaults at the new location, a granite-and-marble memorial featuring a 30-foot-high dome that is supported by three columns dressed in rainbow marble. In addition, the cremated remains of Nora Hendrix, Jimi's grandmother, are to be relocated to the site.

Quelle/Source: www.e-tabs.org

Tournado and Hendrix Fan Club proudly present:
Randy Hansen Tour:
25.04. D-Freiburg/ Jazzhaus   -   26.04. D-Karlsruhe/ Substage   -   29.04. D-Lorsch/ Musiktheater Rex   -   30.04. D-Roth/ Kulturfabrik   -   01.05. B-Verviers/ Spirit of 66   -   04.05. D-Heiligenhaus/ Der Club   -   06.05. D-Marburg/KFZ     -   09.05. D-Lingen/ Alter Schlachthof

Pictures from the Randy Hansen Gig in Marburg

A new Jimi Hendrix R&B tribute........!

A new Jimi Hendrix R&B tribute, Power Of Soul, will be released later this year on MCA Records and feature contributions from Carlos Santana , Earth, Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, and Seal, among others. Proceeds from the album will benefit the United Negro College Fund.
Funk masters Clinton and Collins handle the title track, while Earth, Wind & Fire take on "Voodoo Chile." Khan covers "Little Wing" with Kid Rock guitarist Kenny Olson. Former Hendrix bassist Billy Cox will appear on a version of "Machine Gun," while Band Of Gypsys drummer Buddy Miles will play on "Manic Depression." Contemporary soul artist Musiq has already recorded "Are You Experienced," and the late John Lee Hooker will also be featured in one of his last recordings, a version of the blues number "Red House." Hendrix's half-sister Janie is co-producing the project with her husband, former EWF and Commodores guitarist Sheldon Reynolds.

Polish Woodstock Festival - Leszek Cichonski & his students performing "Hey Joe " on ten guitars

The Guinness record attempt report:
Author: Leszek Cichonski
Category: The performance of Jim Hendrix's song: "HEY JOE" on the 100 guitars /and more/
Date and place: 10th of May.2003- The concert of the band "Guitar Workshop"; Old Marketplace in Wroclaw
Performers: Leszek Cichonski with "Guitar Workshop" group and guests : Anika and Qbek
Invited guitar players from bands:
"The Great 10": Jacek Krzaklewski, Jerzy Styczynski, Aleksander Mrozek, Marek Popów, Wojtek Seweryn, Jacek Trelinski, Janusz Konefal, Krzysztof Mandziara, Andrzej Dyzio Król, Leszek Cichonski
Cichonski's students /15 guitars players, students of guitars workshops and music schools from Wroclaw

More Experience probably the best Hendrix coverband in the world

Next Gigs:
18-05-2003 CH Basel Kuppel www.kuppel.ch
20-06-2003 CH Monte Carasso Open-Air

"Original Art of Jimi Hendrix and Artefacts"
To be held at 23 Denmark Street, London, WC2H, 15th May 2003, 5.00pm BST
Cooper Owen offer possibly the greatest collection of Jimi Hendrix personal items and artwork ever to appear for sale from the collection of Bob and Kathy Levine who worked closely with Hendrix in the US. Bob worked with Jimi from 1967 until 1970 (he took the call from London to Jeffrey & Chandler Inc. offices telling of Jimi's death) and masterminded much of his career, acting as 'power broker' and controlling Hendrix' American enterprises. Kathy was Jimi's PA and confidante during 1968 to 1970.
The highlight of the sale will be the eighteen pieces of Jimi's original artwork, most in the form of felt tip multi-coloured drawings that show Jimi to have been a relatively accomplished artist with a surprisingly good eye for colour.
Also included is Jimi's address book containing many of his industry and personal contacts, listing several of his numerous girlfriends, such as Linda Keith and Sharon Lawrence.
An important lot is an otherwise unassuming smoke stained paperback translation of the Jean-Paul Clebert novel 'The Gypsies', which apparently inspired the name 'Band of Gyspies'. This is also annotated by Jimi.
Significant relics from concert performances include the red, white and blue silk bandanna worn at the LA forum on 25 April 1970 and a gold sequined arm band worn on stage in Wisconsin on 2 May that same year.
Other highlights include mementos to Hendrix' sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll lifestyle which is evident from his coke spoons (above) and drug bottles to a French children's book given to him by Brigitte Bardot and various pieces of jewellery.
Commission bids for this auction can be placed online at www.cooperowen.com now.
If you intend coming to the auction we strongly advise pre-registration.
Please contact auctions@cooperowen.com or telephone +44 (0) 20 7240 4132 for further details or if you have any general enquiries.

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