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Lenny Kravitz to Play Jimi Hendrix In Film
You read it here first: Lenny Kravitz is now in talks to play Jimi Hendrix in a biopic of the most famous guitarist in rock history. Sources tell me that Kravitz has secured the dramatic rights to Hendrix's music through his estate, and that his plan is to make his acting debut with the independent film. Lee Daniels, who directed the forthcoming "Shadowboxer" and produced "Monster's Ball," is said to be the producer/director involved. Kravitz is a natural to play Hendrix, from his look to his musical ability. And he may have the acting gene since his mother, the late Roxie Roker, was a star of "The Jeffersons" on TV in the 1970s. One thing the producers might have to do during post-production is eliminate Lenny's many trademark tattoos. This is a lesson for all you kids out there getting tats: one day you may not want them. They're not easy to eliminate. So now we've had biopics of Ray Charles and Johnny Cash, and this new Hendrix movie. Plus, of course,Tina Turner and Jerry Lee Lewis in recent years. What's next?

Einfach nur verbrannt...
Mit der Gitarre, die er falsch herum stets hielt,
So spielte er sich unverschämt in unsre Ohren.
In Seattle als Arme-Leute-Kind geboren,
Sogleich der schwarze Blues ihm stimmungsvoll aufspielt.

Nach Reputation vergeblich er geschielt,
In England erst da holte er sich jene Sporen.
Alsbald er galt als größter aller Gladiatoren.
Der wüst und virtuos wie keiner sich verhielt.

Er konnte uns weitum das Himmelreich aufmachen.
Er streichelt, jault, die Saiten mit den Zähnen greift.
Zu guter Letzt die Bühne wird dann noch geschleift.
Vergönnt nur ihm ein solches Feuer zu entfachen,
als Orpheus Jimi Hendrix ewig ist präsent.
Er ist vergleichlich nicht, ein beispiellos Talent.

(Jimi Hendrix 1942-1970)

Eckhard B. 11/27/2005

Medaillon von Hendrix fand keinen Abnehmer  - Gedichte von Bob Dylan zu Rekordpreis ersteigert http://www.netecho.info/schlagzeilen/rubrik.asp?a=%7B56C662DA-D5F2-4E4D-9EEA-43C4AE38A7AA%7D

Paris - When French high school students sit next June for the exam that determines if they graduate, culture-and-arts majors will be quizzed on a song by 1960s rock icon Jimi Hendrix, according to the education ministry.
"Acting funny but I don't know why, excuse me while I kiss the sky," Hendrix sang in his 1967 classic Purple Haze, taken as a paean to mind-altering substances by the baby-boom generation now approaching retirement. The song, in its original version and in a string adaptation performed by the Kronos Quartet, will figure in one of four sections of the "musical culture" exam, the ministry announced on its website. Each of the themes on the exam are based "on a principal work accompanied by peripheral recordings and studies," the better to "appreciate the multiple facets" of the music in question, the ministry said. Hendrix, whose career lasted barely five years before he died in 1970 at the age of 27, is widely regarded today as a musical genius whose compositions and improvisational style have influenced subsequent generations. The rock legend will be in good company on the national exam, joining Georg Friedrich Handel and medieval composer Perotin, among others.

The Hendrix Files
TRY OUT GIG : 25. NOVEMBER Kid's Rhythm 'n' Blues Kaffee Grote Markt 50 2000 Antwerpen, Belgien

Next The Hendrix Gigs
Freitag, 25. November 2005 Soest  Sonic (Höggenstraße 24, 59494 Soest)  Einlass 20.00 Uhr  Beginn 21.15 Uhr   VV 9,- Euro / AK 11,- Euro   Der schöne Live-Club "Sonic" liegt am Rande der Soester Altstadt.  Hier geht jedes Wochenende die Post ab. Der Laden ist bekannt für seine sehr freundliche Atmosphäre.
Samstag, 26. November 2005 Duisburg Red Rooster (http://www.the-redrooster.de/) Einlass 19.00 Uhr Beginn 21.00 Uhr 7,- Euro > Hunderte Artefakte der Blues-Geschichte vermitteln das gemütliche Flair dieses zeitlosen Clubs. Eintauchen in die Welt der Superstars und der > Namenlosen. Seltene Plakate, ausgefallene Plattencover, Fotos über Fotos und mit viel Liebe zusammengetragene Exponate aus den letzten Jahrzehnten on Stage und im Studio. Jimi Hendrix gehört zu den am meisten gespielten Künstlern im Red Rooster. Von daher wird ess höchste Zeit, dass The Hendrix dort gastieren und dem Gitarrengroßmeister huldigen.

New CD Doran - Stucky - Studer - Clarke"Jimi"  CD Information in german
On Tour: 1.12.: Luzern, 2.12.: Biel, 3.12.: Zürich, 4.12.: Gütersloh, 5.12.: Köln, 6.12.: Frankfurt, 7.12.: Regensburg, 8.12.: Leeds, 9.12.: Illmenau, 10.12.: Bruxelles, 11.12.: Wien, 12.12.: Salzburg, 13.12.: Stainach, 14.12.: Linz, 16.12.: Besancon, 17.12.: St.Gallen

The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At The Isle Of Fehmarn New CD out now! The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At The Isle Of Fehmarn

The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At The Isle Of Fehmarn  marks the eighth release in Dagger Records' (http://www.daggerrecords.com) popular bootleg-style recording series. This historically significant album features The Jimi Hendrix Experience's final live performance on September 6, 1970 during the  Love & Peace Festival  held on the Isle Of Fehmarn in Germany.

A Film About Jimi Hendrix - Two Disc Special Edition DVD Packed with over 3 Hours of Hendrix Footage - includes 87 minutes of rare bonus footage.
A Film About Jimi HendrixAs news comes of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix being inducted into the much coveted UK Music Hall of Fame in London on November 16th, Warner Home Video (UK) is pleased to announce the Two-Disc Special Edition DVD release 'A Film About Jimi Hendrix' due 30th January 2006. If any artist deserved a biography its Hendrix, and Joe Boyd's 1973 authorized tribute adequately sanctifies the legend. Originally released three years after the musician's untimely death, and set the benchmark for rock documentaries.
Click here for full details about this amazing DVD: http://www.noblepr.co.uk/Press_Releases/warner/hendrix_special.htm
The pioneering rockumentary brings together the best live footage spanning Hendrix's entire career from his beginnings to the iconic Monterey (1967) and Isle of Wight (1970) Festival performances, all digitally transferred and restored. Included in the film are the classic songs "Hey Joe," "Rock Me Baby," "Like A Rolling Stone," and the milestone "Star Spangled Banner".
Featuring the guitar wizard on stage and behind the scenes, classic concert footage is interspersed with interviews with friends and prominent musicians giving first-hand recollections, including Pete Townshend, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Lou Reed, and more covering the many facets of the Hendrix story, capturing the sound, look and spirit of the mid to late 1960s and early 1970s.
The long-awaited Two-Disc Special Edition of the 1973 documentary is loaded with extras and completely re-mastered to provide exceptional sound and picture quality, and includes -
* Never-before-seen performance of 'Stone Free' from the July 4, 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival, culled from the vaults of the Experience Hendrix estate
* The Making Of Dolly Dagger' - Producer/Engineer Eddie Kramer breaks down the mix
* 'From Ukulele to the Strat' - 60 minute bonus featurettes remembering Hendrix
For Hendrix' forthcoming induction into the second annual UK Music Hall of Fame, the highly regarded guitar icon will join many a new line up of international music legends honoured in recognition of their outstanding contribution to contemporary music. Other inductees this year include The Who, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Joy Division/New Order, Eurythmics and Pink Floyd. The UK Music Hall ceremony will be held at London's Alexander Palace on 16th November, and will be broadcast on Channel 4 television on November 17th.

Order now at Amazon!  

Relaunch of www.hendrix-links.de no more frames, have a look and check it out!

Bands set for Hall of Fame honour
The Who, The Kinks and Joy Division/ New Order will be inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame in November. The bands will be honoured alongside Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix at this year's ceremony. The ceremony, at London's Alexandra Palace on 16 November, will feature performances by Alanis Morissette and The Pretenders. A panel of 60 broadcasters, artists, journalists, and industry executives have selected the bands.
BBC News

More ExperienceNächste More Experience Konzerte: 09-12-2005 CH Zürich Alte Kaserne (als special guest am Halbfinale vom Rock Highway Contest '05) 10-12-2005 CH Flims 14-01-2006 CH Schlieren Key North Gigs unserer Bandmitglieder mit anderen Bands: Bored & Beautiful (mit Caco Brander) 20-10-2005 CH Basel Volkshaus Backstage Blues Band (Marcel Aeby, Kiko Berta, Caco Brander, J.C. Harpo, Cristiano Arcioni) 30-12-2005 CH Flims Blues Festival See you there ! Greetings from Swiss California Marcel

Thu 10/20/2005 SFJAZZ Presents World Saxophone Quartet plays Jimi Hendrix: featuring David Murray, Oliver Lake, Hamiet Bluiett, Bruce Williams Great  - American Music Hall 859 O'Farrell Street San Francisco, CA 94109

Hendrix rocks Westminster again Westminster celebrates its place in rock history next week, with an exhibition dedicated to guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. In 1966 Hendrix, little known in England at the time, got on stage at the Regent Street Polytechnic (the forerunner to the University of Westminster) to perform an impromptu jam session with Eric Clapton's band Cream. To celebrate the anniversary of this event an exhibition of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia will be displayed at the University's Regent Street headquarters. Items on display include: Hendrix's first Marshall amp A Maestro "Rhythm'n'Sound" effects pedal Other personal effects including a doodle and cuff-link box Original photos, concert posters and prints from Hendrix's career, many signed by the artist. The exhibition runs from Monday, October 3 to Friday, October 28. A special launch event takes place on Saturday, October 1 in Westminster's Portland Hall, Little Titchfield Street the venue for Hendrix's appearance nearly four decades ago. http://www.wmin.ac.uk/page-8685

Jimi Hendrix owned Innovex SynthesizerI thought you might be interested in hearing about our forthcoming Cooper Owen Music Legends Auction on the 27th October to be held at Madame Tussauds, London, 7pm BST. The auction includes lots of fantastic Hendrix items including:
- Jimi Hendrix owned Innovex Synthesizer, with original signed purchase receipt, 1969
- Jimi Hendrix owned and worn black leather waistcoat circa 1967
- An in-house gold disc for the Jimi Hendrix Experience 'Smash Hits' from the collection of Madame Tussaud's and lots more...
Absentee bids can be placed on our website at www.cooperowen.com now and bidding will also take place live at  www.ebayliveauctions.com

Zeduardo MartinsDear friends in Hendrix
I'm a brazilian musician and I dedicated my life to mix the Jimi Hendrix music with the brazilian music tradition and by that is burn the ROCK MACUMBA and SAMBA BLUES that I'd like to give to all my brothers in Hendrix.You can listen that in the site
On site ,to the video, click the red window up in the left side(click play even if it is 3% of down load and it will start),also the mp3 BUSKER and CAATINGUELEO and you will fell the Jimi feeling in the brazilian rithm. I'll be very thankfull if you let me know your impressions about that. Thank you everybody! Zeduardo Martins

A group of fans and I are now trying to get a grave stone put on Lucille's grave. She is in the same cemetery as Jimi (Greenwood Memorial) for 47 years now and that is long damn enough. It is not right that the Mother of the freedom child be in a grave marked L. Mitchell on a simple brick or marker as they call it. Lucille died in 1958 and was berried by the state, the Hendrix family had not money at that time I understand that BUT THEY DO NOW! Janie Hendrix has no intention of moving her to the family memorial. Shame on you Al Hendrix shame on you! Everyone else in the family was moved when the memorial was built. We have raised the money for the grave stone. At this point all we need the approval of one of the next of kin. I would like to have this in the works by Jimi's birthday 11/27/05. I am having a hard time connecting with Leon Hendrix and am still trying to locate Joe (He is in the area, I will find him). We mean no disrespect and would love for the next of kin to contact us and pick out the stone and words to go with it. Good God how could have this happen!
Until we meet again,
Bonnie Fitzgerald

Read on the web :
Experience Hendrix and Kramer are currently working on a top-secret Hendrix project to come out next year, one that Kramer says will blow away not only Woodstock, but everything else he has done. "All I can tell you is we're working on a particular thing right now - I won't say what it is - but it is stunning, probably the greatest performance I've seen or heard of Jimi's," he says.
Let's wait and see..................

Hendrix 66 Longlaville39 years ago, on October 66, Jimi played in a small town near mine, Villerupt, in the north-east of France, near the Luxemburg and Belgium borders. It was the third EXPERIENCE gig, and the band opened for french singer Johnny Hallyday.
39 years later, not far from there, I'm promoting LA NUIT HENDRIX 66, to celebrate and resurrect live the music of Jimi. It will take place in Longlaville on Saturday, November 19. Two bands will play that night.
First, local band MAD IN H will play a set of covers, not only from Jimi, but selected from the era. Then, ELECTRIC CHURCH will follow. ELECTRIC CHURCH is the band of Jean Bisello devoted to playing Jimi's music. Along with Jean Bisello on bass, the line-up consits of Jeff Ludovicus on drums and, especially for that night, Hassan Hajdi on guitar. Hassan Hajdi plays guitar in the current line-up of well-known french prog band ANGE. His side-project K'IEN is largely devoted to Hendrix covers, but his joining that night will make it a special, one night event. There will also be video effects during the show, to recreate a "Fillmore-like" feeling.

The Jimi Hendrix WebringThe german Hendrix portal is now managing "The Jimi Hendrix Webring". Dedicated to the spirit of Mr.James Marshall Hendrix!
Devoted to Anything and Everything Jimi Hendrix. Photo galleries, artwork, lyrics, inspiration and more. Feel the stratomaster.
Please join The Jimi Hendrix Webring!           Ring Hub Page

Jimi Hendrix's childhood home is saved The building will no longer be demolished

Digitech® Jimi Hendrix Experience™ Pedal Awarded Top Industry Honors

A Life Through the Lens, San Francisco Art Exchange's New ExhibitionJimi Hendrix: Can You See Me? - A Life Through the Lens, San Francisco Art Exchange's New Exhibition
September 24th – November 5th
458 Geary Street San Francisco, CA 1-415-441-8840 1-800-344-9633


Visit Marcel Aeby's (More Experience) new website about the Monster Concert in Switzerland May 30, 1968 feat. ANSELMO TREND - THE KOOBAS - JOHN MAYALL'S BLUESBRAKERS - TRAFFIC - ERIC BURDON & THE NEW ANIMALS - THE MOVE - JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE

September 18th, 2005 18.9.2005


JimiToday's message is:

This is the day of death of JIMI today,

You should hear HIS wonderful music all day! ! !

Its been 35 years now since you've been gone Jimi. You broke our hearts when you left us. You gave me your all and now it's time for me to give back.
May your star shine bright, may you be an insperation for generations to come and may those people learn not to fight.
May your thoughts and dreams and wonderful songs inspire another. I would find it hard to go through life not knowing one. You showed us that it's not all that hard to act like brothers.

May the memory of Jimi be as strong 35 years from now as it is 35 years after.

For anyone who has hearts and ears;

With the Power of Soul, anything is possible...........................................Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix-Fans.de ,Germany   ---Eckhard Bergmann---  specializing in: JIMI HENDRIX-The Music,Man and Message
Hendrix-Links.de --- Michael Marsch


Auction by Heritage Galleries and Auctioneers
Auction by HeritageJimi Hendrix Owned and Played 1963 White Fender Stratocaster Guitar -- One of Jimi's First Strats!
Location: Dallas, TX
Auction: 2005 October Music Memorabilia Auction #616
Internet Bidding Begins September 19, 2005
Auction Dates: Saturday, October 8, 2005
Note: Internet Absentee Bidding Ends at 10 PM CDT the night before the floor session of any particular lot. See the individual lot page for specific times.

Informationen zur neuen Hendrix Woodstock DVD auf Deutsch

Fehmarn Festival 2005 - Bericht und Fotos - Report and pictures (only in german sorry)

StrasswalchenKulturinitiative Strasswalchen - Sa 17.09.2005 20 Uhr Freizeitparadies Köstendorf
Die Begnadigten Pädagogen - Good old rock-music
More Experience - Europas Hendrix-Coverband Nr.1 aus der Schwei

Gimme HendrixPlease visit the homepage of the UK Hendrix tribute band Gimme Hendrix and listen to the sounds!


THE DRUG ISSUE - Jimi's First Experience
The 'white kid's' drug that made Jimi Hendrix feel like Marilyn Monroe and helped him 'see' his music.
by Charles R. Cross - Seattle Weekly www.seattleweekly.com/features/0533/050817_drugs_hendrix.php

Christy Doran (g) - Erika Stucky (voc) - Fredy Studer (dr) - Jamaaladeen Tacuma (e-b): Play the Music of Jimi Hendrix
Doran, Stucky, Studer, Tacuma1. Dezember: Luzern (CH), Schüür - 2. Dezember: Biel (CH), Gaskessel - 3. Dezember: Zürich (CH), Moods - 4. Dezember: Gütersloh (D), Jugendzentrum - 5. Dezember: Köln (D), Stadtgarten (mit WDR-Mitschnitt) - 6. Dezember: Frankfurt (D), Mousonturm - 7. Dezember: Regensburg (D), Leerer Beutel - 8. Dezember: Leeds (UK), The Wardrobe - 9. Dezember: Illmenau (D), Tba - 10. Dezember: Innsbruck (A), Treibhaus  - 11. Dezember: Wien (A), Porgy & Bess - 12. Dezember: Salzburg (A), Rockhaus - 13. Dezember: Steinach (A), Culturcentrum Wolkenstein - 14. Dezember: Linz (A), Posthof
 Option updates und details. www.erikastucky.com

BluespowerBluespower plays Hendrix zum 35. Todestag des Gitarrengottes
Sa 17.09.05 21 Uhr Backstage Club, Friedenheimer Brücke 7, München
Marc Dorendorf und seine Band Bluespower lassen wie jedes Jahr diesmal im Backstage Club den besten Gitarristen aller Zeiten auferstehen. "geradezu beängstigend perfekt" schrieb die AZ und die SZ schrieb:"Phantastisch, nur noch durch das Original zu übertreffen, also gar nicht mehr!" Lasst euch durch Voodoo chile, All along thee watchtower, Foxy Lady oder Machine Gun inspirieren und feiert danach for free auf der FREAK_OUT Party weite
Hendrix FothHendrix FothBesucht einmal die Gallerie von Detlev Foth,
Atelier - Wiesenstr.72B, 40549 Düsseldorf

Er hat diese schönen Hendrix Bilder gemalt!

Festival-Quiz im Stern
Wo hatte Jimi Hendrix seinen letzten Auftritt? Rockmusik-Festivals haben eine lange Geschichte. In den 60er Jahren legten einige Veranstaltungen den Grundstein für einen bis heute andauernden Mythos. Was wissen Sie darüber? mehr...

Beyond A Broken Boyhood - Jimi Hendrix lived to play By Charles R. Cross Seattle Times
This piece, excerpted and condensed from the first six chapters of "Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix," by Charles R. Cross (Hyperion Books, August 2005), tells the story of Jimi's youth in Seattle.
Including a rare , never before seen pic sent by Jimi to girlfriend Betty Jean Morgan http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/pacificnw08072005/coverstory.html

Fehmarn Festival 2005

Jimi HendrixHello, Throughout July, we asked our listeners to vote for their top 3 tracks of all time in this year's X List 2005 mega-poll. We've collated the thousands of votes and can now reveal this year's shortlist made up of the most popular 104 tracks.
We want to let you know that Jimi Hendrix are in the list with the following songs 'All Along The Watchtower  and Purple Haze'
It's now up to you to get behind Jimi Hendrix and vote for your favourite tracks in order to get them to the coveted number 1 spot. Plus each vote sent goes into a prize draw to win a colour iPod and iTunes vouchers. We'll reveal which track has won on August Bank Holiday Monday (August 29). For more info and to vote go to www.xfm.co.uk/thexlist2005
Regards Sarah Grun  - Xfm Online 30 Leicester Square London WC2H 7LA

More ExperienceNächstes More Experience Konzert: 13-08-2005 CH Locarno Villagio RTSI (Filmfestival) 20.00 Uhr See you there !
Greetings from Swiss California Marcel - get experienced at: www.more-experience.com

Lieber Frauen als Soldaten Von Gene Johnson, Seattle Jimi Hendrix.
Eine neue Biografie zeigt den Star als Schlitzohr - und als Opfer von Rassismus.  - Sächsische Zeitung Samstag, 30. Juli 2005 http://www.sz-online.de/nachrichten/artikel.asp?id=913951

Hendrix 'quit army with gay lie'  BBC News http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/music/4730547.stm

Author shines light on Jimi Hendrix biography By Patrick MacDonald Seattle Times music critic http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/artsentertainment/2002407851_charlescross31.html
ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix

The Legend of Jimi Hendrix  - In 1966, he arrived in London an unknown. A week later, he was a superstar

ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix
by Charles R. Cross
ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix (Hyperion Books; August 3, 2005; Hardcover; $24.95), by Charles R. Cross, author of the New York Times bestselling biography of Kurt Cobain, Heavier than Heaven, is the definitive biography of this rock ‘n’ roll legend. Coinciding with the thirty-fifth anniversary of Hendrix’s death, it is meticulously researched and based on more than three hundred interviews with those who knew Hendrix best – more than half of whom have never spoken about him before.
Charles Cross  Homepage                                                Order now at Amazon!

Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. in association with Universal Music DVD Video is pleased to announce the release of Jimi Hendrix: Live At Woodstock [The Deluxe Edition] on September 12, 2005.

Jimi Hendrix Live At Woodstock

This special two-disc DVD presentation of Jimi Hendrix: Live At Woodstock stands as the definitive record of one of Jimi's most celebrated performances. This all-new deluxe set features all of the existing film footage from Jimi's unforgettable August 1969 Woodstock concert newly re-edited and presented uninterrupted and in its original performance sequence. Live At Woodstock includes never-before-seen versions of Foxey Lady, Message To Love, Hey Joe, Spanish Castle Magic, and Lover Man, and an all-new 5.1 and 2.0 stereo soundtrack mixed by Eddie Kramer, Jimi's original studio engineer.
In addition to the full-length feature Live At Woodstock, this deluxe two DVD collection features a multitude of special bonus features including - JIMI HENDRIX: LIVE AT WOODSTOCK: A SECOND LOOK JIMI HENDRIX PRESS CONFERENCE: NASHVILLE ROOTS RECORDING WOODSTOCK: RARE ARTIFACTS & MEMORABILIA:
Click here for the official UK DVD press release - http://www.noblepr.co.uk/Press_Releases/universal/hendrix.htm *
Please note the North American release for the DVD is Tuesday September 13th, whereas the European release is one day earlier (Monday September 12th).                                       Order now at Amazon!  

Poster ReprintBackstage Auctions, Inc., a leading rock 'n roll collectibles auction house, is proud to present The Rock Art Poster Auction - starting August 14th and running for 2 weeks. We have recently teamed up with world renowned artist Stanley Mouse (Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Miller and Journey) and two of the top rock poster collectors, Mark Powers and Kevin Phillips, to offer a truly amazing and historical poster auction. Never before has a collection been offered of such amazing magnitude, quality, size and value. The Rock Art Poster Auction will feature: * Over 3,000 historic concert posters, valued well over 1 million dollars * Hundreds of original handbills, cards, bumper stickers, tickets and tour programs * Complete numbered and original print collections of the "Family Dog" and "Bill Graham" posters, handbills and cards series * Hundreds of individual lots of rock's greatest artists from Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin to The Who, The Doors, Cream, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin and many more * Fantastic collections from historic venues such as the Fillmore West, Avalon, Grande Ballroom, Crystal Ballroom, Maritime Hall and the Armadillo Headquarters * Original Artwork by Kelley and Singer * We thought it would be both relevant and exciting for you and your loyal visitors to your website to simply know that these pieces have become available. As an auction house that is 'for the fans, by the fans' we hope that you will share this news on your website. More information can be found directly at: www.backstageauctions.com   Rock On! The Backstage Auctions Crew

Kramer Archives Eddie Kramer's Website including a Jimi Hendrix Gallery and much more...........

I thought you might be interested in hearing about our forthcoming Music Legends Gala Auction on the 28th July to be held at The Hippodrome, Leicester Square, London, 7.30pm. Included in the auction are several interesting Hendrix items. I will paste a selection below. Absentee bids can be placed on our website at www.cooperowen.com now and bidding will also take place live at www.ebayliveauctions.com Enquires to attend the auction itself should be made to auctions(at)cooperowen.com

Jimi PictureLot 147 Historically significant Recording Console frequently used by Jimi Hendrix in New York City
This recording/mixing console originates from Sound Center Studios in New York City and is the first board Jimi Hendrix worked on in the United States as both an artist and a producer. It is currently a major piece in the Hendrix exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. This console is one of the first 8-track consoles ever built and is in excellent, original condition. The following is an excerpt from jimihendrix.com by Hendrix Archivist John McDermott: Jimi Hendrix's sessions at Sound Center Studios are historically significant in that they stand as his first in America where he assumed the dual role of artist and producer. These sessions took place outside of the watchful eye of Chas Chandler, the former Animals bassist who served as the guitarist's Co-Manager and Producer of his first two albums. The full article can be found at: www.jimihendrix.com/news/news,soundcenter.html. Two songs recorded on the console in March of 1968 were issued posthumously. My Friend initially appeared in 1971 on Cry Of Love and is now a part of First Rays of the New Rising Sun. The unadulterated version of Somewhere was featured as part of the Jimi Hendrix Experience box set. (The console's owners also have an original Sound Center Studios 1-inch, 8-track session tape containing the unmixed versions of My Friend and Somewhere. In addition, the tape contains an unreleased early version of 1983?A Merman I Should Turn To Be. The console, complete with a producer's station (not pictured), was custom designed and built by Lenny Stea and Gordon Clark. Some highlights include: 24 inputs x 8 mix x 2 stereo x 1 mono, 8 custom-built compressors and a 266 point patch bay for easy signal assignment. Video interviews exist with the console creator and all of the engineers who recorded with Hendrix on the board. Other artists who recorded on the console include: Aretha Franklin, the Four Seasons, Barry Manilow, The Tokens, The Manhattans, Dion and the Belmonts, the New York Philharmonic and Jeff Beck. World famous songwriter Otis Blackwell also used the console at times. Sold by catalogue only (this lot is based in the US). £65,000-70,000
148 A unique collection of nine Reprise Records Jimi Hendrix 10 inch. acetates This historic collection of works in progress covers some of the most memorable recordings of Jimi's career. Comprising: H37591 I Don't Live Today, 50 259 Star Spangled Banner, 50 300 Fire, 50 327 Foxey Lady, 50 328 Are You Experienced?, 50 361 Hey Joe, 50 370 Stepping Stone, 50 399 Red House and 50 451 Watchtower. (9) £20,000-25,000
149 Jimi Hendrix drawing, 'Hooded Figures' An abstract surreal drawing of a holy figure, a hooded figure and a figure kneeling, appearing almost to be paying homage to Royalty, in Jimi Hendrix' hand. Mounted, framed and glazed with a letter of authenticity. Measures approx. 31 x 24 inch. (79 x 61 cm) £4,000-5,000
150 Jimi Hendrix drawing An abstract multi-coloured psychedelic Japanese design depicting leaves, foliage and spring flowers in Jimi Hendrix' hand. Mounted, framed and glazed with a letter of authenticity. Measures approx. 31 x 24 inch. (79 x 61 cm) £4,000-5,000
Jimi Hendrix George Underwood 1997 exhibition poster, signed Designed by Mia Underwood, signed in silver pen George Underwood. Measures approx. 24 x 16 inch. £80-120
Jimi Hendrix owned and worn black leather waistcoat circa 1967
A black leather waistcoat with pocket detail, originally with silver and tasselled detail to top and bottom fastening (now missing). This waistcoat is identical to the one Jimi wears on the inside cover of Are You Experienced?, the cover of Smash Hits and documented in several photographs from the period. The waistcoat was given to sometime Eire Apparent member David 'Tiger' Taylor by Mike Jeffrey's secretary Trixie Sullivan. Trixie called to the Madison Hotel, Paddington where the band were staying at the time, with a bag of Jimi's clothing for the Eire Apparent members to selected what they fancied (he had just returned to the States), from which Tiger chose this waistcoat.
David 'Tiger' Taylor joined Eire Apparent in September 1968 and in January 1969 toured Germany with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Tiger visited Jimi's Brook Street flat many times - he recalls one time playing a Robert Johnson riff to suit his own style, Jimi picked up on it and they started playing together. Jimi would later use the riff at Woodstock and called it Jamming Back at the House, it also appeared on later recordings. A letter detailing Tiger's relationship with Eire Apparent accompanies the lot. £20,000-30,000

3rdStoneFreeBesucht doch mal die Homepage der deutschen Hendrix Cover Band 3rdStoneFree. Dort gibt es viel zu hören und sehen!

Woodstock Deluxe DVDExperience Hendrix, L.L.C. in association with Universal Music Enterprises is pleased to announce the release of Jimi Hendrix: Live At Woodstock [The Deluxe Edition] on September 13, 2005.
In addition to the full-length feature Live At Woodstock, this deluxe two DVD collection features a multitude of special bonus features including:
* THE ROAD TO WOODSTOCK: A new documentary featuring Hendrix performance footage and new interviews with Woodstock promoter Michael Lang, and Hendrix band members Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox, Larry Lee, and Juma Sultan among others.
* JIMI HENDRIX: LIVE AT WOODSTOCK: A SECOND LOOK: In addition to the newly re-edited color footage featured on DVD one, A Second Look offers a totally unique perspective of Jimi's Woodstock performance that has never before been shared. A Second Look combines never before seen black and white video footage of Jimi's legendary Woodstock performance intercut with alternate camera angles filmed in color. A Second Look features uninterrupted footage of every performance featured on DVD One in its original performance sequence. In addition, A Second Look presents never before seen video footage of "Hear My Train A Comin'"--a performance missed by the film crew and presented here for the very first time.
* JIMI HENDRIX PRESS CONFERENCE: Filmed at Frank's Restaurant, Harlem on September 3, 1969 two weeks after Woodstock. At a press conference called to announce his upcoming benefit performance on behalf of the United Block Association, a Harlem based youth organization, Jimi spoke about the festival and his memorable rendition of "Star Spangled Banner".
* NASHVILLE ROOTS: Band members Billy Cox and Larry Lee recall their friendship with Jimi Hendrix and their shared journey from the fabled R&B "chitlin circuit" to the greatest rock festival ever conceived.
* RECORDING WOODSTOCK: Engineer Eddie Kramer details the recording of the entire epic festival.
* RARE ARTIFACTS & MEMORABILIA: Collection includes original Woodstock poster, festival tickets, and Hendrix's own handwritten set list draft, and poem about the festival, "500,000 Halos."

Randy Hansen Tour Daten:
27.08.2005 G-Hauenstein / Eventzelt | 21.10.05 G-Berlin, Quasimodo | 22.10.05 G-Affalter, Zur Linde | 23.10.05 G-Rheinberg, Schwarzer Adler | 26.10.05 G-Heidelberg, Schwimmbad-Club | 27.10.05 G-Solingen, Cobra | 28.10.05 G-Hannover, Bluesgarage | 29.10.05 G-Hamburg, Downtown Bluesclub | 02.11.05 G-Koblenz, Café Hahn | 05.11.05 G-Freudenburg, Ducsaal | 07.11.05 NL-Tegelen | 09.11.05 G-Oldenburg, Charly's Kneipe | 10.11.05 G-Wetzlar, Francis | 11.11.05 G-Bad Salzungen, Pressenwerk | 12.11.05 G-Übach-Palenberg

Leszek Cichonski did again the "Thanks Jimi Festival" including the guitar record on the Wroclaw's Rynek Square at May 21st.
Some information and pictures.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005 Hendrix's childhood home gets a reprieve Judge bars the city from tearing it down -- for the time being By MIKE LEWIS SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER

Time's up for Jimi Hendrix's boyhood home 02:38 PM PDT on Wednesday, June 8, 2005 From KING Staff and Wire Reports

Friday, July 8, 2005 Jimi Hendrix deserves an official city tribute By SUSAN PAYNTER SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER COLUMNIST

And send my love to James - Rudy KronfussNEUE TRIBUTE CD  "AND SEND MY LOVE TO JAMES"
ist die neue und bereits zweite Tribute CD von Rudy Kronfuss. Mit James (Marshall Hendrix) ist natürlich Jimi gemeint, dem auch diese CD gewidmet ist. Die 10 Eigenkompositionen sind völlig im Geist und Stil von Hendrix und man möchte fast glauben, daß Jimi selbst hier heimlich mitkomponiert und gewirkt hat. Erinnerungen an ?Cry of Love? und spätere Werke des Meisters werden hier wach und Kronfuss gebraucht wie sein großes Vorbild das Studio als Instrument mit teilweise sehr komplexen Multitrack Arrangementen. Er dürfte hiermit einer der wenigen Musiker sein, die erfolgreich versuchen Jimis Musik weiter zu entwickeln, obwohl dies für viele unmöglich erscheinen mag. Es lohnt sich auf Rudys Homepage zu schauen und auch dessen Hendrix Cover Versionen an zu hören: http://www.rudykronfuss.com/ Für "Sparer" stellt Rudy seine Musik gratis zur Verfügung und Fans können hier via Mail seine CDs bestellen. "AND SEND MY LOVE TO JAMES" muß jeder Hendrixfan unbedingt gehört haben !

A Film About HendrixWarner Home Video in association with Experience Hendrix is set to release the long-awaited Deluxe Edition of the 1973 documentary A Film About Jimi Hendrix on June 28, 2005. This deluxe DVD release features a newly remastered and remixed audio soundtrack in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound and is loaded with more than 75 minutes of previously unreleased bonus features. http://www.authentichendrix.com/pgi-ProductSpec?976-002-008

Woodstock RevivalWoodstock Revival Open Air Groovy - die Flower-Power-Party des Jahres! Am So,24.07.05 Open Air auf dem Schlachthofgelände Zenettistr.9 Ab 18.30 Uhr
Blumenkinder, Freaks, freie Liebe, brennende Gitarren ... und jede Menge Musik! Wer erinnert sich nicht an die wilden Szenen aus dem WOODSTOCK-Film? 15 Musiker aus München, die in einer fast 3 stündigen Show die Musik mit seinen bekanntesten Künstlern wie: Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Ten Years After, The Who und vielen mehr authentisch wieder aufleben lassen. Wer kennt nicht...Going home.... Soul Sacrifice....Purple Haze....Summertime Blues...want to take you higher..... und viel weitere Klassiker der "Love and Peace- Generation". Ein Abend, der unvergesslich den Geist des Summer of 69 herbei zaubert.

Thanks for taking the time to read the attached Release about the newly launched Woodstock Preservation Archives website at http://woodstockpreservation.org . This site which consists of information, pictures, video and audio, chronicles the efforts to preserve the original site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival in Bethel New York. Please visit us and pass on the word about this website. Please be patient as the home page launches, as it contains self-launching video clips.We would love it if we could be linked within your site, and will certainly do the same for your's. If you have a quote or comment that you woud like to provide (eg. about our website, preservation efforts, woodstock generally) please email me here. We would like to post comments and quotes in a special section coming soon. Thanks again and Enjoy the website. Brad Littleproud and Joanne Hague

1/2 Jahre nach dem Release des Überraschungserfolges "Outlaw Instrumentals" ist es endlich vollbracht... Der "Chillin' Spaceman" ist gelandet! Immer für eine Überraschung gut ist der JUNKIE diesmal in die endlosen Tiefen des Weltraums abgetaucht. Spacegitarren vom Allerfeinsten, natürlich immer mit der kleinen Prise Blues gewürzt, wie man das von MICKY nicht anders erwartet. PINK FLOYD MEETS HENDRIX AND GOES BLUES. Momente entspannen, seinen Geist reinigen, einfach nur die "Seele baumeln" lassen. Genau diesen Bedarf erfüllt "Chillin' Spaceman" - eine Stunde in eine andere Welt eintauchen, Negatives abschütteln, Musik in seiner ursprünglichsten Form auf sich wirken lassen - Headphones auf, zurücklehnen und abfliegen. Aliens, Echos, Tremolos, Rückwärtsgitarren, relaxte Grooves, mystische Stimmen Soundtrack für die Sinne Hören und kaufen bei www.guitarjunkie.de
(lies auch GUITARJUNKIE-Micky's "Brief an Jimi" auf dieser Website

Vote for Jimi Hendrix into the Songwriters Hall of Fame at: http://www.rateitall.com/i-838474-jimi-hendrix.aspx

Erstmalig in München! Ring frei für die erste Gitarrenschlacht zweier Gitarrengötter präsentiert von Marc Dorendorf und BLUESPOWER. Jimi Hendrix vs. Eric Clapton. Wer wird den Ring als Sieger verlassen? Auf der einen Seite: Mister Slowhand - cool, aber voll Feuer in seiner Technik. Auf der anderen Seite: Jimi - der Magier und Soundvirtuose. Entscheiden kann nur das Publikum. Zwei Götter an einem Abend. EINMALIG!
Samstag 11. Juni Schlachthof München, Zenettistr.9 Einlass: 19.30 Uhr Beginn: 21.00 Uhr

Rock im TurmRock im Turm: "Spirit In The Sky"! Samstag, 2.7.2005, 16 bis 22 Uhr, Freiplattform des Olympiaturms
Es war Rocklegende Mick Box von Uriah Heep, der uns bei der Eröffnung des Rockmuseums Munich auf die Idee brachte: "Noch ein paar Meter höher", diktierte er einem der zahlreichen Reporter ins Mikrophon, "und Janis und Jimi könnten mitfeiern!" Warum eigentlich nicht? Ein Stockwerk über dem Rockmuseum ist direkt unter den Wolken eine Open Air-Plattform, auf der uns der Wind Münchens um die Nase weht. Auch die Beatles haben mal auf einem Dach unter freiem Himmel gespielt - also wollen, können und dürfen wir das auch, dem Olympiapark sei Dank! "Spirit In The Sky" heißt das Motto am 2.7.2005 (16 bis 22 Uhr); ein Konzert für all unsere Helden, die uns viel zu früh verlassen haben: Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Bob Marley, Brian Jones, Keith Moon, George Harrison, Marc Bolan und all die anderen - wir werden sie nie vergessen. http://www.rockmuseum.de/

Jimi by Kludo WhiteMy name is Kludo White. I am a Professional Artist and Musician iving and working in the UK. I, like you, am also a huge Hendrix fan. I recently had an exhibition for which I created a set of new Rock Icon Paintings and one of the most popular ones has been my portrait of Jimi Hendrix.(see attachment) I thought that you and your club members may like to see it and possibly even buy it. The dimensions of the painting are 52cm X 72cm (very large) and it is hand drawn and hand painted by me on canvas in acrylic paint. It is available for sale for only £200 GBPounds. I am able to post it anywhere in the world for only £40 GBPounds I can be contacted by email at kaiserkeller(at)btinternet.com Or by post at my studio (see the address below) Many thanks for your time ...s'cuse me while I kiss the Sky!
Kludo White The Kludoman Surf Co. VW SURFWEAR & ROCK & ROLL ART Whitewater Studios Sea Way E.Sands PO22 6JX Tel: 01243 583959 kaiserkeller(at)btinternet.com

Fehamrn Festival 200511th FEHMARN OPEN AIR - September 3, 2005 Isle of Fehmarn Germany - Flügger Strand

Radiocative Records released "Jimi Hendrix Blues At Midnight" (3000 copies worldwide) 6 songs taken from the march 17, 1968 at Cafe Au Go Go + the song Blues Jam 1 (San Ho Zay) from the Generation Club mi-april, 1968. Be careful as they confirmed on the back cover + the inside booklet that B.B. King played on that title (which is wrong...). Some german buyers should be aware of that....

Hendrix hit for drummer Ollie, 10  Aspiring 10-year-old drummer Ollie Harding has played himself into the newly-formed National Youth Rock Orchestra. Read the BBC News article

Check out the Homepage of MidnightLamp a dutch Hendrix Cover Band and listen to some mp3 files!

Randy Hansen Tour Daten:
Fr 29.4 D-Freiburg / Jazzhaus  - 03.5 D-Dresden / Tante Ju  - 04.5 D-Aschaffenburg / Colos Saal  - 05.5 D-Augsburg / Spectrum  -  06.5 D-Zwickau / Alter Gasometer -  07.5 D-Lorsch / Musiktheater Rex  - 02.7 D-Salzgitter / Kultursommer - 07.7 D-Ahaus / Cafe Logo  - 08.7 D-Krefeld / Trabrennbahn  - 26.8 D-Annweiler / Trifels Festival  - 21.10. - 12.11. Tour  t.b.c. http://www.tournado.de/randyhansen.htm

April 23, 2005 Ax in Hand, a Hendrix Sings of Jimi's Legacy By COREY KILGANNON - New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2005/04/23/arts/music/23hend.html  (you have to register free) or http://www.timesargus.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050425/NEWS/504250310/1023/FEATURES12

Randy Hansen with Real Groove Band - Music Fair Frankfurt 2005 - Pictures

Thanks Jimi Festival
Guitar RecordHello guys, things are getting serious... This time we will meet us on May 21st 2005 y. on Wroclaw´s Market Place (Polska) in the city center. It´s gonna be our third attempt to Guinness Guitar Record and second edition of "Thanks Jimi Festival" One year ago, 916 guitar players have performed famous Jimi Hendrix´s blues-rock hits "Hey Joe" "Little Wing" and "Wild Thing" attempting to bit World Guinness Record in the Biggest Guitar Orchestra category.
Thanks Jimi Festival history and info: www.cichonski.art.pl/eng/record.htm
Some more photos from Guinness World Record breaking: www.cichonski.art.pl/eng/record.htm
You might want to check those international links:
www.hendrix-links.de/guitarrecord.html    and    www.guitarz-for-ever.com/jimi-hendrix-super-hit-hey-joe.html
It was already the second attempt (in 2003, total number of 588 were registerd). So far the world biggest guitar orchestra was performing on american´s EPIPHONE guitar producer anniversary, where 1555 musicians were assembled playing together. (www.gibson.com). On 21st Mai we will try again to bit this record. Regardless the result, the most important thing is to get together and play for Jimi his songs - it´s gonna be our thanks for his music.
They wrote about us in November issue of Guitar Player Magazine, here's the link: www.guitarplayer.com/story.asp?storycode=7749

Guitar Center Creates the Ultimate Jimi Hendrix Experience; Leading Music Instrument Retailer Offers an Exclusive Guitar and Amp Customized by Renowned Artist Shepard Fairey  Read more........

DigitechDarauf hatte ich gewartet, endlich das neue Experience Pedal von Digitech antesten. Bei der Musikmesse in Frankfurt hatte ich gestern Gelegenheit dazu. Digitech wird in Deutschland von Warwick vertrieben und die neuen Pedale wurden am Stand von Ralf Jung vorgeführt. Neben dem bereits erwähnten Jimi Hendrix Experience sind in der Artist Signature Series noch das Pedal "The Weapon" mit Sounds von Dan Donegan und das Crossroads mit Sounds von Eric Clapton erschienen. Gleich vorweg, es handelt sich nicht um bekannte Sound Simulationen die einen Amp oder Speaker nachahmen, sondern die Geräte produzieren den Sound der auf den Stücken der Künstler zu hören ist. Eben die Kombination aus Gitarre, Effekten, Amp und Speakern. Die Gitarre die man verwendet ist also egal, das Signal kann direkt in die PA eingespeist werden.
Das Experience produziert den Sound der Stücke: 1 Purple Haze, 2 Wind Cries Mary, 3 Foxey Lady 4 Little Wing, 5 All Along The Watchtower 6 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 7 Star Spangled Banner (live) / Machine Gun.
Angewählt werden sie über einen kleinen Wahlschalter am Pedal, im Live Einsatz kommt man nicht um den optionalen Footswitch FS3X herum. Zusätzlich gibt es drei Klangregler. Nun zum Wichtigsten, dem Sound. Der wird durch die Digitech Production Modeling Technologie und mit Hilfe von 2 AudioDNA DSP Chips produziert. Wahnsinn! Authentisch! Die Sounds überzeugen und Hendrix Fans spüren sofort zu welchem Song sie gehören. Und hier kommt noch ein tolles Feature zum Zuge. Man kann mit dem Pedal das in der Fersen und Zehen Position kleine Schalter hat, zwischen dem Rythmus und Lead Sound der Stücke wechseln. Eine Super Sache die wirklich Spass macht, für Hendrix Cover Spieler ein tolles Gerät, das für etwa 200 Euro zu haben ist. Am Samstag 9.4.2005 habt ihr beim Publikums Tag der Musikmesse auch Gelegenheit das Teil zu testen. Ach ja, spielen müsst ihr natürlich noch selbst!       Michael 07.04.2005

Digitech by Warwick German Site      Hendrix Pedal - Digitech international

Jimi Hendrix - Émotions électriques... Loison-sous-Lens
La plus belle Victoire de la Musique n?a pas été décernée ce 5 mars 2005 au Zénith de Paris, mais bien à Loison-sous-Lens et au Voodoo Child... Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Pic Hendrix fans might be interested to know that there is a limited edition, fine art, stretched canvas print of Jimi available from the Eye Candy Gallery - www.eyecandygallery.com
The reference for the picture is:- REX_Hendrix/Who 120x80cm £495 (B+W, 1/2L Jimi Hendrix holding guitar, with members of The Who).
Further to my message in regard to the Jimi Hendrix/The Who print and your very kind inclusion of a link to the Eye Candy Gallery, I would be very happy to offer British visitors to your site a 20% discount on Eye Candy Gallery prices in regard to their 'Icons' selection. We would also like to offer non-British visitors a 10% discount - they are also not liable for VAT. Any inquiries should be addressed to info@eyecandyartgroup.com and should mention that they have visited your site. Best wishes, Matthew.

Rudy KronfussHendrixtribute Konzert mit der "RUDY KRONFUSS EXPERIENCE"
im Zentrum GLOBE in Hilversum / Holland. am Sonntagnachmittag den 24. April um 15.30
Info: http://www.go.to/kronfuss

Wo Jimi H. einmal wohnte:
Ein Stück aus dem Tollhaus, Schauplatz Seattle: um auf dem Gelände einen Neubau hochzuziehen, wurde vor drei Jahren das Haus, in dem Jimi Hendrix vom 12. bis zum 15. Lebensjahr gelebt hatte, einfach um ein paar Blocks versetzt.
Doch nun will man das in Leichtbauweise errichtete Gebäude auch von seinem jetzigen Standort ''vertreiben''. Die Stadt Seatlle hat der '' James Marshall Hendrix Foundation'', Besitzerin des Hauses und Pächterin des neuen Grundstücks, ein Ultimatum gestellt: bis zum 22. Februar '05 musste die Stiftung entweder das Areal erwerben, oder das Haus erneut woanders hin verfrachten.
Ursprünglich hatte die Stadt noch vorgehabt, finanzielle Mittel zur Renovierung des völlig heruntergekommenen Gebäudes zur Verfügung zu stellen, so Ray Goldman von der Hendrix-Foundation.
Der Geburtsort des legendären Gitarristen hätte damit neben dem ''Jimi Hendrix Memorial Rock'' im Woodland Park Zoo und der Statue auf dem Capitol Hill eine weitere Hendrix-Touristenattraktion.
Wo das Gebeutelte Gebäude demnächst unterkommt, ist bis jetzt noch unklar...... James Marshall Hendrix Foundation

Sharon Lawrence BookSharon Lawrence Talks about "Jimi Hendrix: The Man,The Magic,The Truth" by Rick Landers http://www.modernguitars.com/archives/000408.html

Order Jimi Hendrix The Man, the Magic, the Truth from Sharon Lawrence at Amazon!

Jimi Hendrix's Guitar Sells For £100,000 A guitar that belonged to the great Jimi Hendrix has sold for £100,000 at auction. The 1965 Fender Stratocaster was just one of many guitars that featured in an auction dedicated to the legendary guitar player. In an auction billed as one of the biggest collection of Hendrix memorabilia instruments, signed records and posters all went under the hammer at the Hard Rock Café in London. The Jimi Hendrix Experience's first single Hey Joe, signed by the entire band, was sold for £2,000, reports the BBC. A poem written by Hendrix two weeks after his infamous appearance at the Monterey Festival where he set light to his guitar went for £10,000. The majority of items on sale at the auction were collected by Bob Terry who began collecting at the age of 17.

Leporello Foto-BücherLeporello Foto-BücherBeatles Museum Shop Neuss- Düsseldorf www.Beatles-Limited-Edition.de
Georg Hentschel Bahnhofstr. 19 41472 Neuss Tel. 02131/1769970 Fax. 02131/1769971
Hallo Beatles Jimi Hendrix & The Who Fans! Nun gibt es sie endlich!!!!!!! Rock Gallery 6 wunderschöne Leporello Foto-Bücher incl. sehr raren Fotos von The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix & The Who wie es sie in den 60ern gab, Yeah! Diese aufklappbaren Bücher im Format 9 x 11 cm beinhalten zwischen 9 - 10 rare Fotos von Günter Zint, Danny Wall , Peter Brüchmann, Friedhelm von Estorff, K & K / Blaschke Produktion Die Fotos sind zudem perforiert, so daß man sie bei bedarf ZB. zum einrahmen trennen kann! Diese Sets sind auf 500 St. W/W limitiert Der Einzelpreis ist 6,90 Euro. Das komplette Set nur noch 39,00 EuroPorto beträgt nur 1,40 Euro. Jetzt heisst es zugreifen solange der Vorrat reicht!!! georghentschel@t-online.de

The Hendrix House Legacy Project:
This is the house where Jimi and Leon Hendrix lived, along with father Al, located in Seattle's Central District. The house will be renovated and maintained by the Hendrix Foundation in a manner that closely approximates the way it looked when Jimi lived there. Once completed, the house will be open to the public for a glimpse into life during a formative part of Jimi's own youth.
For further informatin visit the James Marshall Hendrix Foundation.

Seattle struggles over how to remember Jimi Hendrix

A Fender Stratocaster belonging to Jimi Hendrix was sold for 190,000 dollars at the Cooper Owen auction in Hardrock Cafe London.

Don't forget to check out the JIMI HENDRIX AUCTION   February 16th 2005, 10.30am GMT   (5.30am EST) To Be Held at The Hard Rock Cafe, London and online at www.cooperowen.com (absentee bids) and www.ebayliveauctions.com (live bidding) Many estimates published in the exhibition catalogue have been reduced for this exclusive sale! Please contact auctions@cooperowen.com if you would like to attend the auction at the Hard Rock Cafe, London or if you have any further queries. PLEASE NOTE ? LOTS WILL NOT BE CLEARED UNTIL 4PM AT OUR OFFICES IN 21 DENMARK STREET. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. www.cooperowen.com

More ExperienceNächste More Experience Konzerte:
12-03-2005 D Bräunlingen Bregtäler  - 18-03-2005 CH Meiringen Hasli Lodge  - 20-03-2005 CH Basel Kuppel  - 27-03-2005 CH Bern Gaskessel (The Doors Celebration Tour)  - 01-04-2005 A Ried KIK - 30-04-2005 CH Chur Safari Beat Club
Gigs unserer Bandmitglieder mit anderen Bands: Backstage Blues Band (Marcel Aeby, Kiko Berta, Stefano Lanzetti, Mario Andreoletti, J.C. Harpo, Cristiano Arcioni, Robi Cortinovis, Bat Battiston) 26-03-2005 CH Gorduno Pasinetti
See you there !    Get experienced at: www.more-experience.com

Frank MarinoReallive (2CDs live) Frank Marino & Mahagony Rush

Frank Marino war schon immer von Jimi Hendrix insperiert. Dieses Live Konzert beginnt gleich mit Voodoo Chile, Red House folgt bald und immer wieder sind kurze Jimi und andere Cover Zitate zu hören. Frank ist nicht Jimi, er spielt nicht nach, sondern interpretiert in seiner Art. Manchmal erinnern seine spacigen Ausflüge fast an Grateful Dead (manchmal aber auch zu langatmig, wahrscheinlich live, mit der richtigen Kräutermischung gut!). Zum Ende zeigt uns Frank bei Star Spangled Banner wofür er die zwie Quadartmeter Effektpedale braucht. Mit einer kleinen Träne der Nostalgie macht es aber Spass diese Live Scheiben zu hören.

 Order now at Amazon!

Buddy MilesBuddy Miles - Changes (DVD + Audio-CD)

Buddy Miles, Drummer von Jimi auf einer voll bepackten DVD. Concert 1:   77 Minuten Trio mit Kevin Smith und Joe Thomas, viele Jimi Songs und Covers sowie Soul Klassiker. (Geneva, Switzerland 1995) Concert 2: Buddy Miles live in Paris 1996 2 Titel mit Buddy Miles als Gitarrist, nicht mal schlecht!! Bonus Material: Jimis Crosstown Traffic, Buddy Miles "After Experience" Dokumentation 2004 30 min. Special Features: 5.1, Biography, Discography. Die CD enthält Teile des Concert 1. Sehr zu empfehlen!

Concert 1: 01 Bad Bad Misses 02 Knock On Wood 03 Come Togehter 04 Peter Gunn 05 Take Higher 06 Superstition 07 Changes 08 Life Is What You Make It 09 How Long For An Answer 10 Purple Haze 11 Voodoo Child  12 Hey Joe

Concert 2: 01 Born Under A Bad Sign 02 For Xour Precious Love

 Order now at Amazon!

The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceT SEVEN signature tones that changed the world forever Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. and DigiTechT are pleased to announce the debut of the all new Jimi Hendrix Experience Artist Series Pedal, today at the NAMM Conference in Anaheim, California. Since the first time the world experienced Jimi Hendrix, things have never been the same. DigiTech® is honored to be chosen by the Hendrix Digitechfamily, to emblazon Jimi's prophetic musical vision into a truly remarkable performance tool through our Production Modeling technology. Introducing The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceT, the only pedal to capture the tones that changed guitar playing forever. The pedal was created using the original masters at Electric Lady Studios in association with Eddie Kramer, the original recording engineer. The Jimi Hendrix Experience pedal so closely models the fine nuances of Jimi's sounds that each pedal requires TWO of DigiTech's AudioDNAT DSP chips! Eddie Kramer, Jimi's engineer at Olympic and Electric Lady Studio, was an essential part of the Hendrix sound. Who better to help recreate those timeless tones than the man who set up the original mics and ran the mixing board adding his own magic?
Working with DigiTech and our proprietary Production ModelingT technology, he helped rebuild each facet of Jimi's tone, from guitar effects and amp to the vintage outboard signal processors. But it gets even better. Thanks to Eddie and the Hendrix family, we were able to use the original tapes as a reference source for our Production Modeling technology. The results of this once-in-a-lifetime project will amaze you when you hear the Jimi Hendrix ExperienceT pedal. "You realize what a tremendous body of work Jimi has left behind. What we are doing here is taking a little piece of Jimi and putting it in a pedal that will stun the world." - Eddie Kramer The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceT is the only pedal to capture the SEVEN tones that changed guitar playing forever; featuring: Purple Haze :: Intro and solo: Based on: Fuzz FaceT 100-Watt Marshall® Super LeadT Amp; EMT Plate Reverb; Roger Mayer Octavia (solo) Little Wing :: Intro and Solo: Based on: 100-Watt Marshall® Super LeadT Amp; Miniature Rotary Speaker (Homemade at Olympic Studios in England) Voodoo Child (Slight Return) :: Intro and Solo: Based on: Vox® Clyde McCoy WahT; Brown FenderT BassmanT, Amplifier; EMT Plate Reverb All Along The Watchtower :: Intro and Solo: Based on: Acoustic Guitar; 100-Watt Marshall® Super LeadT Amplifier; EMT Plate Reverb Plus three more models. The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceT Artist Series Pedal is available at leading music equipment dealers nationwide.
Digitech by Warwick German Site      Hendrix Pedal - Digitech international

The world's largest collection of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia is to be auctioned at London's HARD ROCK CAFE on Wednesday 16th February 2005 starting at 10.30am.
Cooper Owen CatalogJimi Hendrix is the ultimate rock icon - his influence still resonating throughout music, fashion and popular culture, nearly 35 years after his untimely death. In November Cooper Owen auctioned the first selection of lots from this vast collection and now comes the second opportunity to own a piece of Hendrix History - all the lots up for grabs were made famous as exhibits in JIMI AT THE MARQUEE - THE ULTIMATE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE, the exhibition which ran from September to December 2004 to massive popular acclaim. Background Information This astounding collection is originally a result of the dedication and diligence of Bob Terry, a single devoted fan. After seeing Hendrix live in 1967, he set about collecting anything and everything he could lay a hand on that was at all related to Hendrix, becoming close to many in Jimi's private circle - effectively establishing himself with those that mattered. Any items were gratefully received, from ticket stubs to personal recordings, and over the course of nearly forty years, Terry amassed the most complete collection of Hendrix memorabilia in the world. 'Bob was collecting before memorabilia was memorabilia', comments Ted Owen, Director of Cooper Owen. 'He wasn't looking to make a profit, or thinking about the prestige - he just loved Hendrix, plain and simple.'
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE COLLECTION GUITARS & EQUIPMENT The Fender Stratocaster will forever be associated with Hendrix as his guitar of choice. Hendrix's complete mastery of his instrument meant he could play the guitar behind his head, with his teeth, really any way imaginable, leaving both peers and fans stunned with his ability and showmanship. * Three original guitars, including what is believed to be the only left-handed guitar owned by Hendrix * Microphone and microphone box from the last Hendrix US tour, with Jimi's doodles and amp settings inside the lid
CLOTHING AND PERSONAL EFFECTS Hendrix's unique style and attitude sparked hundreds of new trends. Hendrix became a style guru for his millions of fans - reinforcing his iconic status for that generation. * Elk skin fringe jacket * Psychedelic shirt * High School yearbook Jimi's Phone Bill * For £125.65 Hotel Room Keys * From a selection of hotels Model Wearing Hendrix's own jacket * Elkskin Fringe
PHOTOGRAPHY Given Hendrix's fame a surprisingly small number of photographs are available to his fans. The auction will draw from an enormous archive of images - many of which have never been seen before.
WRITING Jimi was extraordinarily prodigious - if he wasn't playing he was writing, if not writing, doodling - these personal outpourings provide unique insights into the way his mind worked and how his creative juices flowed.
PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS Ever since he burst on the music scene, Hendrix releases have hit the streets with dizzying frequency. Each of these releases required artwork, poster art, and other promotional materials. * Tour programmes, tickets and handbills from an amazing array of Hendrix concert dates * Prop from the photo shoot, and test album cover proofs from the notorious UK Track Records version of Electric Ladyland Handbill * Fillmore East, May 10th Poster * Isle of Wight

Hendrix In Eigenen WortenHendrix über Hendrix!
Tony Brown
Jimi Hendrix – In eigenen Worten

Aus dem Amerikanischen von Clemens Brunn
170 Seiten · 18 Schwarzweißfotos · 13,5 x 21 cm · Gebunden
€ 17,90 (D) · € 18,40(A) · SFr 32,50   ISBN 3-930378-47-7
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Are you experienced?Jimi Henrdrix Tribute Concert - Worthing, Sussex, in England Worthing Theatres Thursday 24 March
Ticket Prices : Tickets: £11,50 (Parties of 10+: £10)
Venue : Assembly Hall 7.30 pm
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Are You Experienced? -The ULTIMATE Tribute To Jimi Hendrix


le 05/03/2005 SALLE CUVELIER - LOISON-SOUS-LENS Rue Spas 62218 LOISON-SOUS-LENS perso.numericable.fr/~blues/

SexperienceJimi's ImageJimi Jeff and the
Gypsy BandCheck out these Jimi Hendrix Tribute Bands:
Jimi's Image - Jimi Taylor
Jimi Jeff and the Gypsy Band

Hendrix Tribute HansenTribute to Jimi Hendrix - Randy Hansen from Seattle USA
Stadthalle Eppingen - Samstag 23. April 2005 - 20:00 Uhr

Weitere Randy Hansen Tour Daten:
Fr 22.4 D-Kulturspeicher / Regensburg - Monsters of Rock Festival | Sa 23.4 D-Eppingen / Stadthalle  | Fr 29.4 D-Freiburg / Jazzhaus  | Sa 30.4 CH-Biel / Blue Note tbc  | Sa 7.5 D-Lorsch / Musiktheater Rex

Dear Sirs, You might like to know that I am in possession of a painting of Jimi Hendrix (oil On canvas), painted by Hugh Mendes in 2004. He was the "Fresh Art Artist" for the year of 2003. It is extremely finally detailed and I wonder if you would concede a purchase at the price of £600. For your information the bio of Hugh Mendes is herewith enclosed. The painting is at present on exhibition at the above gallery, should you wish to view, please contact me either by email or my mobile 07818 032152. Best Regards, Gretta Sarfaty Marchant

SARTORIAL contemporary art 101a Kensington Church Street, London W8 7LN tel+44 (0)20 779 25882 /fax+44 (0)20 779 25880 marchant@sartorialart.com / www.sartorialart.com

GERED MANKOWITZ (LONDON) KOMMT NACH BERLIN! Der Fotograf präsentiert seine einzigartigen Porträts von Jimi Hendrix in einer großen Ausstellung bei Dussmann - Das Kulturkaufhaus.
Ort: Dussmann - Das Kulturkaufhaus Friedrichstrasse 90, 10117 Berlin Datum: Dienstag, den 11. Januar 2005 Beginn: 18.00 Uhr. Der Eintritt ist frei. Ausstellung bis 29.01.2005

The world's largest collection of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia - most of which has never been seen, heard or displayed before - is to be launched in a spectacular show at the new Marquee Club (London) over the weekend of 17th - 19th September 2004 and will run for six months.
Worth over $15 million, the incredible collection features hundreds of unseen personal images, footage recordings, and promo materials - all displayed at the legendary club where Hendrix often played.
THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE @ THE MARQUEE will exhibit 30 - 40 hours of unreleased music, 200 - 300 hours of personal video - 60% unreleased, as well as over 1000 photographs many unpublished. Jimi's own clothes will be on show including his elk skin fringe jacket and a psychedelic shirt as well as 3 of his legendary guitars, and this is only a small sample of the entire collection.
The Exhibition will run daily until February 2005.

Jimi last played the Marquee in 1967 - He's back.                www.cooperowen.com

Model Mar-Liis Ival with the Stratocaster and the Cherokee jacket
Model Mar-Liis Ival with the Stratocaster and the Cherokee jacket

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